1. How can I watch Smartmatic videos online?
  2. Your computer should have a high-speed internet connection such as a cable modem, DSL, T1, etc. A dial-up connection is not sufficient to effectively reproduce video.

  3. How can I search for Smartmatic videos?
  4. There are many ways to search for specific videos:

    Search Field
    In the upper right portion of our website, you can search for videos by title or Keywords.

    Search or Browse by Tags
    Smartmatic videos are divided into categories or tags. You can see the tag under each video uploaded or in the tag cloud at the right column of our website.

  5. What are Smartmatic videos related to?
  6. Our videos show our technology solutions and how they can help improve the lives of societies around the planet. From an electoral solution that can assure more transparent processes, our Identity Management Solution, which helps to guarantee the right to our identity to the incredibly innovative solutions to make cities smarter and more livable, our videos reflect our mission towards the World. Sometimes we also feature videos with statements and declarations of our Board of Directives and presentations to our clients about our technology.