Vote Anywhere Technology
Maximizes Turnout

We all know that high voter participation is a sign of a healthy democracy.

Studies show that the best way to encourage voter turnout is to simply make voting more convenient. Smartmatic technology does just that.

Smartmatic Offers a Range of Solutions that Allow Citizens to Vote Anywhere

On average, 40% of citizens in democratic countries do not vote – and voter participation is falling every year. Smartmatic offers a range of solutions that simplify the voting process and allow citizens to vote anywhere, which helps maximize turnout.

Automated Polling Station

  • Enable a model that allows voters to cast their ballot in any vote center

  • Reduce wait times by enabling secure, real-time voter verification and e-Poll book updates

  • Speed up check-in and verification with digital or biometric identity tools

  • Minimize time casting a ballot with clean user interfaces and familiar, easy-to-operate touchscreens machines or scanners

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Smartmatic Offers a Range of Solutions that Allow Citizens to Vote Anywhere

Postal Voting and Centralized Ballot Tabulation

Streamline postal voting and ensure the efficiency, transparency and speed by tabulating ballots at a central location using high-speed scanners.

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Remote Voting

With our Remote Voting Platform, we bring the ballot to the voters, whether they are traveling, living abroad, in overseas roles for government, or in the military.

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Increase turnout by offering voters the flexibility and security to vote from anywhere - at home, at work, while traveling or in-person at a polling station.

Increase Convenience and Participation by Bringing the Ballot to the Voter