Intuitive, secure voting solutions for credible elections

Our voting machines streamline the entire voting process, improving the election experience for voters, poll workers, and other officials.

Touchscreen voting machines with intuitive interfaces provide a seamless voting experience. Poll workers benefit from a user-centered designed software with workflow-based guided instructions.

The voting machines in our portfolio work in combination with our Election Management Platform (EMP), which prepares all the information necessary to conduct an election. 

Smartmatic offers two main lines of voting machines, Premium and Classic, which support any type of election. They can either function as a Direct Recording Machine (DRE) or Ballot Marking Device (BMD).

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To protect the integrity of the process, we combine a wide range of stringent security mechanisms and protocols, including security fragmentation, security layering, encryption, device identity assurance, multi-key combinations, and opposing-party auditing capacity.

All our voting machines come with built-in printers that produce physical copies of every vote. Creating rich audit trails enhances transparency, and increases trust.