Precinct Scanner

Modernize your paper-based electionsts

Smartmatic has run the largest automated vote counting elections in the world since 2008. Modernizing the election experience with precinct scanning and tabulation allows people to cast their ballots efficiently and accurately, so results can be consolidated and published the same day.

Smartmatic’s optical scanning technology offers voters and election officials numerous benefits.

  1. A familiar experience: A paper ballot is used to cast a vote. For the voter, the voting experience stays the same.
  2. An optimized voting experience: The voter receives direct feedback from the machine. Detailed instructions are given to the voter to prevent mistakes, such as undervotes or overvotes. This helps guarantee their ballots are valid.
  3. Faster results: e-Counting technology makes vote counting faster and more accurate than hand-counting.
  4. The paper ballot is the final vote: Polling place scanning and tabulation optimizes the speed, reliability and transparency of the election process while the paper ballot remains the final input for audits.
  5. Smartmatic offers a line of precinct scanners that meet the requirements of any election management body. Learn more.

    Whether you tabulate at polling locations or centrally, Smartmatic provides a range of solutions that are accurate, proven and easy to operate. To learn more about central scanning, click here.

    The voter can verify on the spot if the scanner has read their selections properly, benefiting from an optimized manual voting experience.