1. Technology can help strengthening democracy

    Leaders in the field of election administration from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas gathered in London to discuss a wide array of election-related topics and focused on how technology can help strengthening democracy.[more]

  2. Quite fair and easy elections in Uganda

    Ugandans considered the implementation of biometric technology as a quite fair and easy way to improve election transparency and bring their country to the 21st century. 30,500 biometric devices were deployed across 30,000 polling stations during...[more]

  3. Uganda is transforming to 21st century

    Ugandans considered the implementation of our biometric technology as a great step forward to improve election transparency and bring their country to the 21st century. 30,500 biometric devices were deployed across 30,000 polling stations during the...[more]

  4. Elections technology for democracies

    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Smartmatic's Chairman, joined a panel discussion with Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf and Pat Merloe of the National Democratic Institute to discuss how technology, such as Internet voting and electronic voting, can support...[more]

  5. Technology makes the election process easier

    “When properly implemented, voting technology makes the election process easier, more secure, more auditable and more accessible and inclusive than traditional methods,” added Smartmatic chairman Lord Malloch-Brown. “Technology can only go as far...[more]

  6. Relation between citizens and governments

    America’s voting machines are dangerously close to the end of their lifespan, a study from the Brennan Center shows. Yet, little has been done to address this impending crisis.“As the world focuses on the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections, now is...[more]

  7. Mark Malloch-Brown talks about election technology

    Following a recent Brennan Center study revealing the state of America’s aging voting technology, Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown spoke at the Atlantic Council’s Democracy Rebooted: The Future of Technology in Elections, sharing how...[more]

  8. Citizens of Haiti

    The government of Haiti and Smartmatic partnered to modernise Haiti’s Cvil Registry and Identity System. As a result from this initiative, Haiti now has a robust database with up-to-date information about the characteristics of the population.Here...[more]

  9. New tools for democracy

    Engaging civil society and promoting a more fluid communication between governments and constituents. These were two of the topics that our CEO Antonio Mugica talked about during the Athens Democracy Forum held this past September 15. He shared a...[more]

  10. Democracy in the Information Age

    Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica took part on the Athens Democracy Forum 4th panel, this past 15 September, to talk about the digital age and its impact on democracies and societies. He was accompanied by former CIA agent Valérie Plame Wilson and...[more]

  11. Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica - Athens Democracy Forum

    During the Athens Democracy Forum, Smartmatic CEO and founder Antonio Mugica took part in a panel  debating about the digital age, cybersecurity and data privacy.The panel discussed key questions asked by people on a daily basis. Where is the...[more]

  12. Interview with Smartmatic's Chairman, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

    Lord Malloch-Brown Chairman of Smartmatic, joins Martin Stanford on Sky News Digital View to talk about digital voting in a general election, how it works, what options would be available to vote digitally and how it could bring the democratic...[more]

  13. Smartmatic's ePen counting solution

    Eduardo Correia, Smartmatic's vice president for Electoral Solutions, explains the benefits and of this novel technology - a digital pen for streamlining election result processing. [more]

  14. Why electronic voting can help modernize Bulgaria's elections

    Maria Musorlieva, Deputy Chairwoman of Bulgaria’s Central Electoral Commission, speaks about the latest efforts to modernize Bulgaria’s elections. [more]

  15. A message from Smartmatic's CEO Antonio Mugica

    At Smartmatic why we strive to create technology and services designed for maximum social impact. Here our CEO Antonio Mugica shares what we've done and what's coming next.[more]

  16. [CNN] Ensuring the integrity of elections: Mark Malloch-Brown

    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is launching a new venture: lifting people out of poverty using cutting edge election technology. Watch his interview on CNN.[more]

  17. Electronic voting in Bulgaria with Smartmatic

    Smartmatic, the world’s leading voting technology and services provider, made available a fully-verifiable electronic voting solution to Bulgaria for the European Union Parliament elections held on May 25, 2014.[more]

  18. Election-360

    Smartmatic developed Election-360, a suite of tools that allow you to monitor -in real time- the progress of an election.[more]

  19. Smartmatic´s Belgium voting solution

    This video explains the different steps that voters will go through to cast a ballot using the custom-made voting solution created by Belgian authorities and Smartmatic. [more]

  20. Electronic voting and economic stability

    Smartmatic's CEO discusses the benefits of electronic voting and its impact on economic stability. [more]

  21. CNE - e-voting in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (Ecuador)

    Message from Ecuador's National Electoral Council. e-voting pilot for the February 23 sectional elections.  [more]

  22. Electronic voting in Ecuador

    Smartmatic runs successful voting pilot in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador. [more]

  23. Brilliant minds wanted!

    At Smartmatic we are looking for the best [more]

  24. How Venezuelans vote in their 2013 municipal elections

    Short animation showing the steps citizens will follow to cast a vote during the Venezuelan 2013 municipal elections [more]

  25. A number of reasons to trust our automated elections

    3,500 elections run2.2 billion votes cast and counted550,000 voting machines deployedOnly one company [more]

  26. Programming students proved their knowledge during Smartmatic CONNECT 2013

    Some 100 students of computer sciences (and related majors) from several Venezuelan universities proved their knowledge and passion for programming during the Smartmatic CONNECT 2013 Marathon, which took place on Sunday, October 13th in Caracas. [more]

  27. Why join Smartmatic?

    Good reasons to join the leading company in elections worldwide [more]

  28. Andrés Oppenheimer interviews Jimmy Carter (CNN Español)

    Jimmy Carter, former US President, and leader and founder of the Carter Center talks about Venezuela´s voting system[more]

  29. Smartmatic´s voting system

    Eduardo Correia, Electoral Solutions V.P. explains Smartmatic´s advanced voting system. [more]

  30. Interview with Vicente Díaz, CNE Official - Globovisión

    Interview with Vicente Díaz, CNE Official. Aired on May 1st, 2013 on Primera Página - Globovisión.[more]

  31. How do Venezuelans vote in their presidential election

    Step by step guide to the Venezuelan voting process[more]

  32. Myths about electronic voting

    Have you ever wonder why elections should be automated? Learn about the most popular myths surrounding e-voting. (In Spanish)[more]

  33. Carter praises Venezuela's e-voting technology

    Former US President Jimmy Carter stated "As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we've monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world" during the kickoff of the Annual Conversations at the Carter...[more]

  34. Genaro Arriagada talks about the transparency of the Smartmatic's voting system

    During the conference organized by The Woodrow Wilson Center's Latin American Program and IDEA International, Dr. Genaro Arriagada, former minister of the presidency of Chile and former ambassador of Chile to the United States, emphasizes that...[more]

  35. Miguel Cañas and Mario Torre: Smartmatic's technology preserve the secrecy of the vote

    Engineers Miguel Cañas and Mario Torre, members of the electoral commission of Comando Venezuela, explain the multiple mechanisms that the voting platform provides to guarantee the secrecy of the vote. With Smartmatic's automated voting system,...[more]

  36. How will be like the voting process in Venezuela?

    Eduardo Correia, VP for Smartmatic's Election Solutions Business Unit presented the various components of the voting system to be used on October 7th during the upcoming Venezuelan presidential elections. Mr. Correia pedagogically explains how...[more]

  37. Jennifer McCoy praises Smartmatic´s voting system

    During an recent interview with America Directo (Infobae America), Jennifer McCoy, director of the Carter Center's Americas Program, spoke about the multiple security mechanisms and high levels of auditability of Smartmatic´s voting system.[more]

  38. Key features of the Integrated Authentication System (IAS)

    SAI (Spanish acronym for Integrated Authentication System) is a next-generation USB peripheral device, which provides biometric voter authentication. Eduardo Correia, VP for Smartmatic's Election Solutions Business Unit, talks about the many...[more]

  39. 90% of Venezuelans find it easy or very easy to vote with Smartmatic Technology

    Eduardo Correia, VP for Smartmatic's Election Solutions BU, comments on a survey performed by the Venezuelan polling company Datanalisis, which reveals that 90% of the Venezuelan people find it "easy" or "very easy" to cast a...[more]

  40. Smartmatic: Next-generation technology to improve your Government's efficiency

    Ready to step into the 21st century and provide the infrastructure your citizens demand? Contact Smartmatic today to design and deploy cutting edge technology for elections, transportation, and public safety. We can help you dramatically improve...[more]

  41. Smartmatic wants brilliant minds!

    Smartmatic is a world leader provider in the design and deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions aimed at increasing transparency and efficiency of governments. As a dynamic, innovative, and youthful technology company, we are...[more]

  42. Smartmatic's CEO Antonio Mugica talks about the company

    Smartmatic's CEO Antonio Mugica talks to Venezuelan newspaper El Mundo and explains how the multinational company was created as a small technology startup of only 12 people and how the company has evolved into a multinational of almost 500...[more]

  43. iCPS organizes the 5th International Electoral Affairs Symposium

    On May 30th and 31st, Mauritius hosted the 5th International Electoral Affairs Symposium 2012. Approximately sixty Electoral Commissioners and Electoral Commission Officers from Asia, Africa, and Europe gathered to share ideas about the use of...[more]

  44. Smartmatic's CEO Antonio Mugica talks with newspaper El Mundo

    In this interview posted by Venezuelan newspaper El Mundo, Economía y Negocios on January 2012, Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic, talks about the company, when it was founded, offices around the World, its business areas, line of products and how...[more]

  45. Smartmatic’s Success around the Globe

    These are some of the undeniable facts and numbers that ratify Smartmatic’s superior technology in Elections and Identity Management Solutions, where our know-how, resources, knowledge, commitment and experience have ensure the indisputable success...[more]

  46. Smartmatic PARmobile: Portable Enrollment Platform

    Conceived to provide an all-in-one, highly practical, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to the otherwise difficult and expensive enrollment process, Smartmatic's PARmobile is the most advanced identity enrollment device available in the...[more]

  47. Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica interviewed by Frost and Sullivan President Krishna

    Last year, Frost & Sullivan distinguished Smartmatic with the 2011 North American Award for Customer Value Enhancement, based on its recent analysis of the identity management systems biometrics market. Frost & Sullivan Global President Krishna...[more]

  48. Maratón Smartmatic Connect 2009

    Great minds shined during the III Smartmatic-CONNECT Programming Marathon, where students from different Venezuelan Universities competed and had the opportunity to challenge themselves and show their programming skills. In this third...[more]

  49. Smartmatic Projects

    Smartmatic is the only company in the world with the ability to carry out all phases of an election with maximum accuracy, speed, and safety. We possess the necessary resources, technology, products the services to ensure successful projects, as...[more]

  50. Biometric Enrollment Project in Bolivia

    Smartmatic supplied the technology, logistics and support services to the Bolivian Biometric Electoral Register. It was a colossal project tasked with the registration and identification of some 3.5 million citizens throughout the country and...[more]

  51. Smartmatic Programming Marathon CONNECT 2008

    Students, professionals and amateurs competed as equals during the II Smartmatic-CONNECT Programming Marathon. In this event full of adrenaline and the brightest IT minds, Smartmatic offered 58 teams the opportunity to demonstrate their skills...[more]